A new comedy from the director of ABOUT A BOY, IN GOOD COMPANY and AMERICAN PIE.


Hugh Grant, Dennis Quaid and Mandy Moore

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"The TV show American Dreamz is sweeping the ratings, and everyone wants to be a Dreamer. But when two scheming, hopeful contestants face-off in the final showdown, the audience gets an eyeful of on-air fireworks. The stage is set for the wickedly funny, no-holds-barred competition that is being called a riot!" - www.toponlinegeneral.com



The Diehard Stage Mom.


The Wanna Be Pop Star.


The Hopeful Long Shot.


The Sedated First Lady.


The Jaded TV Host.



Mandy Moore

American singer-songwriter


Hugh Grant



Dennis Quaid

American Actor


Willem Dafoe

American-Italian actor


Directed by Paul Weitz

Paul Weitz is an industry Juggernaut. He broke into the scene by directing a lot of short films; that have over the years brought in a lot of critical acclaims. Some of his short films have gone on to become massively successful feature films. He is one of a major investor of the New Zealand-based online casino Sky City and loves to play usa online casinos.

Produced by Chris Weitz

Chris has a keen eye for picking the right kind of talent. He is noted as the man who gave Paul his big break. Chris was astounded at the sheer quality of Paul’s work and decided to fund his first feature film. Since then they have partnered up for multiple projects, that have gone on to win critical and commercial accolades.

Cinematography Robert Elswit

Robert and Paul went to the same high school, and their relationship has blossomed over decades. Robert is able to capture the essence of what Paul is trying to say better than anybody else, and Paul has repeatedly stated that they come as a duo. Paul has also worked with websites happylifestyletrends.com, techwithgeeks.com, gettechexpert.com, themoviesbio.com, fastysports.com and thesportsglory.com

Music by Stephen Trask

Stephen isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, but he is surely someone Paul and Chris love. Chris found him after listening to a submission track, and things have changed for Stephen since then. His work is said to be beautifully chaotic, and his volatile work is taking the industry by storm. . He is also an investor in the website geteducationskills.com, Male Strippers Brisbane and Male Strippers Sydney

Latest Reviews & Updates

Paul Weitz and His Movie Career

Paul Weitz

Known as a famous film director, part owner of AudioRumble and wonderpunter, producer, screenwriter and sometimes even a playwright-actor, Paul John Weitz is recognized as producing some of the United States’ best films for more than 20 years.

Being considered as one of the best directors and producers in the industry, along with his older brother, Chris Weitz, who co-created the well-known comedy American Pie and the movie About a boy, it’s safe to say that these brothers have received some amazing genes to be able to both do what they do at such a successful extent. About a boy was also nominated for an Oscar at the time working with his brother.

Movie Career

Paul Weitz was born in New York City and kicked off his career in the wondrous city starting in 1998, directing and producing his first successful film, Antz. Much loved for his work by audiences which included both young and old, he continued his filmmaking journey and moved on to working on sitcoms which included Off Centre. In 1999 he continued with his brother, directing one of the biggest hit movies at the time, American Pie, which furthermore continued with a series of three more movies up until 2012.

The first movie of American Pie successfully followed with About a Boy, which included major actor Hugh Grant and produced by another famous actor, Robert De Niro. The movie was nominated for best-adapted screenplay and then followed with yet another well-received successful comedy, In Good Company.

With his incredibly successful resume of work in directing, screenwriting and producing movies, he had hope that his next movie, American Dreamz, would follow his success, but unfortunately received both good and bad reviews and barely broke even at the box office.

After American Dreamz, he bounced back and directed The Vampire’s Assistant, as well as the hit-making film, Little Fockers in 2010, which served as a sequel to Meet the Parents and also, Meet the Fockers.

He also followed these with directing Being Flynn, which starred Robert De Niro, as well as the movie Admission, starring Tina Fey.

Other successful movies influenced by Weitz includes Ribs which wrote in 1992, the Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps in 2000, Down to Earth in 2001, American Wedding in 2003, See This Movie in 2004, Bickford Scmeckler’s Cool Ideas in 2006, The Golden Compass in 2007, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist in 2008, American Reunion in 2012, Good Kids in 2016, A Happening of Monumental Proportions in 2017 and currently in 2018, Bel Canto.


Grandma – A Big Honour for Weitz


In the year of 2015, Paul Weitz directed the film, Grandma, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2015 as the closing film of the night, which was very low budget, but well received.

Weitz’ success also expanded into a production company, which was formed with his brother, Chris Weitz, which followed with a two-year deal with Amazon Studios.

Not Just Movies, But Play Production

The successful man himself didn’t only produce some of the best films, but also incredibly well-written plays, which included Roulette, Show People and Trust and Privilege. All of these were successfully produced off-Broadway in his hometown of New York City.

American Dreamz The Movie Review


As a comedy released in 2006, starring lead actors Hugh Grant, Dennis Quad and Mandy Moore to name but a few, the comedy is thought to be aimed towards a teenager to an adult audience.

The movie places emphasis on various factors ranging from politics, shedding light on the entertainment industry, as well as teens growing up to following their dreams.

While some consider the movie to be good, others had somewhat different feelings regarding the movie and reviewed the movie in a more negative light.

The Storyline of the Movie

As a comedy film, the movie has a satirical feel about it, which includes humour regarding politics and portraying events as it is in the government and Whitehouse of America in a sarcastic way. There is also an emphasis on the popularity that is put on the entertainment industry versus U.S. residents that don’t have the same amount of respect for their president.

The movie thus places a lot of emphasis on the Bush administration during President George Bush’ running as the President of the United States. His role as president is displayed as a rather cultural satire by the director, Paul Weitz.

Unfortunately, the film did not reach the success the director was hoping for and just broke even at the box office with $16,458,459.

The Plot and Cast

The movie kicks off with a re-election of a man named Joseph Staton who is played by Dennis Quad, where he reads a newspaper for the first time in four years. When confronted by his Chief of Staff played by Willem Dafoe, he is forced to appear as a guest judge on a hit TV show in America, American Dreamz. This TV show is modelled after the idea of American Idol.

american dreamz

The TV show is hosted by Martin Tweed, who is played by Hugh Grant, who is on the lookout for finding the next A-list celebrity. The movie continues as the presenter scouts Sally Kendoo played by Mandy Moore, William Williams played by Chris Klein and Omer Obeidi played by Sam Golzari.

The movie continues around the journey of these three contestants. The politic is brought in by a Jihadist contestant, Omer and continues with the president’s role in the country and appearing on a talent show on TV.

Rankings at the Box Office

Well, it’s safe to say that the movie isn’t considered to be a hit movie and was definitely not enjoyed by all who watched it. Making $3.7 million in its first week and a total of nearly $17 million altogether, with its budget of $17 million. The movie just didn’t even break 100% even and left quite some disappointment in the mix.

The movie was also reviewed by Rotten Tomatoes and it received a total of 41% of positive reviews from critics, as well as a rating score of 5.2/10.


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